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Cataract Streamlite Oar Blade - Black

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Cataracts lightest blade yet, the Streamlite™ oar blade shares the same asymmetric, water-hugging shape Cutthroat rowers love for shallow water while shedding excess weight and maintaining all the muscle for ultimate performance. Whether you're running Class V or fishing your local river, the Streamlite will keep you rowing long after everyone else turns in for the day.

  • Weighing in at only 2.5 pounds, it's a half-pound lighter than the Cutthroat Blade and one of the lightest blades on the market.
  • As part of the weight savings, the blade has a carbon-fiber spindle, the reinforcing spline that runs through the blade.
  • Measuring 8.5" wide and 27.5" long, the Streamlite is shaped to put more of the blade's surface area underwater.
  • The asymmetrical shape is especially popular with fishermen maneuvering in late-season streams.
  • Grooved blade insert prevents silt buildup inside the oar shaft and makes removal easy.
  • The convenient push button locks the 1 5/8" diameter shank of the blade in Cataract, Carlisle and 1 7/8" OD Sawyer shafts, allowing quick, no-tool interchangeability.
  • Built tough for Cataract Oars SGG™, SGX™, X Wound™ and Streamlite™ shafts.
  • And like all Cataract blades, the Streamlite floats!

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