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New Zealand Strike Indicator

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Ultimate 100% Pure Wool Indicator Material

Our specially sourced and dyed natural wool works extremely well in a variety of conditions. Having experimented with a number of wool types and synthetics, this particular wool has been specially selected to have the wiry, water-shedding properties that allow a perfect float cast after cast. Our ultimate wool material provides a no-spook landing and presentation. It fills the indicator sleeve perfectly and can be trimmed to the size you want. If you are frugal fishermen like we are, you can reuse the wool. The packet contains enough ultimate wool for at least a full season or more.

To the careful fisherman, it provides the ultimate solution for a perfect presentation to difficult fish. Even the most educated trout will not spook with this indicator material as it provides a natural float from above. With the sensitivity only this wool can give, you will see the strike more quickly and more often.


  • Wool yarn lands gently
  • Wool yarn casts like a dry fly
  • Wool yarn shows strikes - Most sensitive!
  • Trim to the desired length
  • Wool yarn floats high



  • Available In Radioactive Orange, Stealthy White, Chartreuse Black or Multi Colour.
  • This wool has natural lanolin, however, go ahead and add a dab of floatant on it at the beginning of the day. The indicator will work all day and casts beautifully with little wind resistance in your casting.

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