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NRS Frame Anchor System with 2:1 - Long Mast

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Raise or lower your anchor seamlessly without leaving the guide seat or breaking a sweat. The multi-craft NRS Frame Anchor System with 2:1 can attach to rafting frame bars and drop rails and yokes on Catarafts. This system mounts easily and the 2:1 system enhances ease of operation.
  • Three main components, a remote bracket with jamb cleat and intermediate pulley, create a 2:1 mechanical advantage, halving anchor weight when dropped or lowered.
  • The stern pulley on the mast is slotted to allow for angle adjustment depending on the amount of kick the craft has. It is preset for maximum kick. For a flatter angle, loosen the bolt and nut and adjust to the desired angle and tighten.
  • Includes standard U-bolt and oversized U-bolt with nuts and washers.
  • The 31" Long Mast with Forged LoPro Anchor System is a great addition to the Dodger Stern Seat Mount, Item #92016.03. The extra length extends the anchor comfortably past the stern of your Otter Fishing Dodger XL Raft. Includes the Anchor Control System and Intermediate Pulley for Forged LoPro.
  • Unlike previous anchor systems, this system works with both the older cast aluminum LoPros and current forged LoPros. The oversized U-bolt works best with the forged LoPros, while the standard U-bolt is best for the cast aluminum.
  • The intermediate pulley, item # 94047.01.100, is designed to nest on top of forged LoPros. For cast LoPro frames, simply U-bolt the intermediate to the siderail.
  • Rope and anchor sold separately.
  • We recommend 3/8" polypropylene rope, Item # 45012.01.
Refer to the instructions on how to assemble the 2:1 Anchor System on your watercraft.


Included Components:
  • 1 - Anchor Control System with Rope Jam Cleat
  • 2 - Intermediate Pulley
  • 1 - Anchor Mast
  • 1 - U-bolt with nuts and washers
  • 2 - Oversized U-bolts with nuts and washers

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